Just a very quick post, but foundwhat to capitalize and what not in seminary writing in a blog entry, and I thought it was good enough to share.

When deciding whether to use a capital letter, follow two basic principles:

  1. Keep capital letters to a minimum.
  2. When quoting, follow the capitalisation of the original unless you have a good reason not to.

Here are some specific examples:
Bible (capital B)
biblical (lower case b)
Catholic (capital C)
Christian (capital C)
church (lower case c)
crucifixion (lower case c for the crucifixion)
evangelical (lower case e)
fall (lower case f for the fall)
Gospel/gospel (capital G for John’s Gospel; lower case g for the good news)
heathen (lower case h)
heaven (lower case h)
hell (lower case h)
his, him, etc. (lower case h for God)
incarnation (lower case i for the incarnation)
Spirit (capital S for the Holy Spirit)
Word/word (capital W for Christ; lower case w` for the Bible)

Not sure where Zack got this list from, but here is his blog: