Not another blog from Elke. Well, yes.

One that tells of my experience as a female in seminary. I would have never thought that I would be going to seminary. Mostly because I thought just men go to seminary.

But then I met Dr. E.

Dr. E. is a brother in the Lord at my church whom I didn’t really know until we traveled to Israel together in April 2009. As I came to find out, Dr. E. had graduated from this particular seminary the summer before, and I found myself getting more and more excited as he shared his story and what he had learned there. He also told me that I could get my degree completely in a distance learning fashion – something I had previously thought impossible.

This was what I wanted more than anything else: to learn more about my God. To appreciate Him more, to love Him more, to understand Him more. I had been imploring God to show me what I could do to become better equipped as a believer, and I felt very strongly that God had opened up a door for me.

And so I found myself investigating this school and found out that I could get an MAR – a Master of Arts in Religion, and that I could even specialize in Biblical Studies. A few discussions with my husband and multiple prayers later, I was seriously considering going back to school.

Next: First steps.